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HR Webinar Recording : Corona, Where do we go from here?

Six Steps to Successful Video Interviewing - Business Continuity

Corona and Recruitment: What Happens Now?

Supporting the NHS and the fight against Covid-19

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In this brief overview, you will learn more about Monster's job collection program and the benefits of hosting job ads from external sources. You'll also find answers to frequently asked questions and who to contact when you need assistance.

A Farewell to Taylorism? - Business Models for a Post-Pandemic Society.

By Valerio Sordilli Amidst lockdown, furloughs and distancing, the crisis has finally imposed on companies a revolution of organisational models. While that has been threatened for years, we are a long way from understanding the implications.  A recent study published by McKinsey outlines some of the consequences. This pandemic will force every company from one-man-bands to […]

Premium Company Profile

Monster offers you a range of products, such as a Premium Company Profile, to help you gain control over the way candidates view your brand and the opportunities you have to offer.

3 Tips for a Successful Campaign Message

Sending out an email campaign can help you easily reach many candidates with little effort. With the following 3 tips and example messages, you can make the most out of the campaign feature and avoid being overlooked by the candidates.

Basic Company Profile

Monster offers you the possibility to create a free Basic Company Profile to help you gain control over the way candidates view your brand and the opportunities you have to offer.

5 Ways To Support Furloughed Workers 

With the Government’s furlough scheme now extended until October, furloughed employees are going to be worried and naturally employees want to know how they can provide some support. But with the scheme unfamiliar to all, and various rules in place, it can be a tricky area to navigate. Here shares five ways to support […]

HR Webinar Recording : Corona, Where do we go from here?

Monster’s Global VP of HR, Claire Barnes recently hosted a panel of Global HR experts from Hospitality, Manufacturing and Healthcare, sharing their experience, insights and advice. In this round-table webinar, senior HR executives from leading brands across four key industries shared their experiences and offer some guidance on ‘where we go from here’.

You Need to Make Your Meetings More Efficient

Even as we working remotely, we are getting together more than ever. That’s not necessarily productive. With the average UK employee wasting nearly 13 working days every year in unproductive meetings. In fact, nine out of ten workers admit that a third of each 60 minute meeting is a waste of company time. You need to […]

Weeks into lockdown - why revisit your WFH plans?

Many of us recently, hastily, became Home Workers. By now you should have a good idea who on your team has taken to it like a duck to water, and which of your ducks may be visibly calm but paddling frantically below the surface. This has been a huge shift for both managers and staff. […]