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Four Evidence-Backed Ways Science Improves Recruitment! 

COVID-19: Life in the waiting room

How to turn 'employees' into a team

The importance of 'purpose' in the workplace

Supporting the NHS and the fight against Covid-19

Every day we see examples of heroism in our National Health Service. The NHS is under pressure like never before, with growing numbers of unfilled roles, vacancies and increasing demands made of front-line staff. The whole healthcare industry is facing an unprecedented challenge in the coming weeks as the coronavirus situation continues to evolve.  We […]

COVID-19: Life in the waiting room

The public risk associated with COVID-19 didn’t seem too alarming two weeks ago. It was something that was still ‘elsewhere’, not quite real.Today in Glasgow shopping streets and supermarket shelves are empty. As I write this, the world seems to be stuck in a paradox. Things feel completely hectic, yet everyday life is on hold. […]

Applying Behavioural Science to Recruitment

 Applying Behavioural Science to Recruitment Webinar – Wednesday March 25th, 11am “Behavioural science is the study of how people actually behave – rather than how they claim to behave” – Richard Shotton Ultimately, recruitment is a process about understanding human behaviour.  There are a wealth of Behavioural Science studies, experiments and advice you can apply. […]

Four Evidence-Backed Ways Science Improves Recruitment! 

Your preferred style of interview might be down to personal preference, tradition, familiarity or time in your schedule. Does it help you make the best hires? Finding the “right-fit” is possibly the trickiest part of recruitment. Candidates thrive when they genuinely engage with your company culture as well as having the right skills on paper. […]

Manage Job Ads

Learn how to easily access, edit and keep track of your job ads.

The new world of Recruitment.

How to navigate ghosting, catfishing, low-unemployment, high-demand and increased uncertainty in the world of work.   It’s a weird time in the world of employment right now. To quote Hunter S.Thomson “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” You already know about record-high employment, the skills shortage, and the squeeze coming from tighter immigration […]

Are you recession-proof?

Are you prepared if the market crashes? With the stock market fluctuating and the world in turmoil, people fear a recession. Even with record-low unemployment, many candidates believe a recession is one of the threats to their current job, according to Monster’s State of the Candidate survey. And their fears aren’t unfounded.  “People have been […]

How to handle hiring in a tight labour market

The market is tight, but the talent is out there. Try these strategies to locate and find the best fit for your business.  U.K. recruiters know that ease of hiring waxes and wanes. This depends on whether you have easy access to a large pool of workers, or if your vacancy is in one of […]

How to turn 'employees' into a team

Turning your employees into a well-gelled team is not an overnight job. It takes time, patience and a lot of effort to get people working as one. But nobody said it was impossible. If you find your organisation is made up of  individuals who only speak to each other when they need to, and barely […]

The importance of 'purpose' in the workplace

The importance of meaning at work – Why do your employees choose to do the jobs they do?  Just for the Pay?  The chance to work for a good cause? Are they answering a vocation or enjoy the monotony?   These are examples of work values – and they have a significant impact on employees job […]