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Monster's Campaign reaches over 1.8 million UK Candidates in January

Camera Shy? You can still create great Video Job Ads!

How to turn 'employees' into a team

The importance of 'purpose' in the workplace

The new world of Recruitment.

How to navigate ghosting, catfishing, low-unemployment, high-demand and increased uncertainty in the world of work.   It’s a weird time in the world of employment right now. To quote Hunter S.Thomson “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” You already know about record-high employment, the skills shortage, and the squeeze coming from tighter immigration […]

Are you recession-proof?

Are you prepared if the market crashes? With the stock market fluctuating and the world in turmoil, people fear a recession. Even with record-low unemployment, many candidates believe a recession is one of the threats to their current job, according to Monster’s State of the Candidate survey. And their fears aren’t unfounded.  “People have been […]

How to handle hiring in a tight labour market

The market is tight, but the talent is out there. Try these strategies to locate and find the best fit for your business.  U.K. recruiters know that ease of hiring waxes and wanes. This depends on whether you have easy access to a large pool of workers, or if your vacancy is in one of […]

How to turn 'employees' into a team

Turning your employees into a well-gelled team is not an overnight job. It takes time, patience and a lot of effort to get people working as one. But nobody said it was impossible. If you find your organisation is made up of  individuals who only speak to each other when they need to, and barely […]

The importance of 'purpose' in the workplace

The importance of meaning at work – Why do your employees choose to do the jobs they do?  Just for the Pay?  The chance to work for a good cause? Are they answering a vocation or enjoy the monotony?   These are examples of work values – and they have a significant impact on employees job […]

Hire and develop 'soft-skills' to get the right fit

The importance of finding the ‘Right fit’ emphasizes the value soft skills bring to the workforce. Technical skills are important – people need to be able to, or be trained to, be technically able. But even as we face an increased skills shortage, employers increasingly recognise the value of soft-skills. These attributes are easily transferable […]

Living up to your employees' dream job expectations

When an employee lands their dream job how important is it to exceed their expectations as an employer? Employees can have grand expectations when starting a new job, and it’s important to manage these by setting employees up for long term success. With these four simple tips, your employees will be more engaged and motivated […]

Monster's Campaign reaches over 1.8 million UK Candidates in January

1.5 Million UK Candidates In January, Monster Launched our second global brand campaign, “Bad Fit, Good Fit” promoted digitally in the UK across multiple social channels. Our 2019 global campaign offered an honest perspective on the job market today, showing that the system is broken. Now, in 2020, we are showing what our fix is: […]

How to build better relationships with your employees

You’ve spent time and effort hiring great candidates who are the best fit for your company, or building your A-team, how can you keep them happy?  Socialising with your employees isn’t often encouraged in today’s workplace. But there is still a place for it. Knowing how to do this while keeping authority and remaining professional […]