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How to build better relationships with your employees

How to build better relationships with your employees

You’ve spent time and effort hiring great candidates who are the best fit for your company, or building your A-team, how can you keep them happy?  Socialising with your employees isn’t often encouraged in today’s workplace. But there is still a place for it. Knowing how to do this while keeping authority and remaining professional can be a challenge.

Monster has shared its top tips on how to socialise with your employees while keeping it professional.

Arrange monthly socials

Getting the whole team together is a great way to mingle with your employees in an informal environment. Pick activities where everyone can get involved like bowling, crazy golf or an escape room. Not only does this encourage teamwork but it is a great conversation starter when back in the office. This relaxed environment encourages you to speak with whoever about whatever – and removes the barrier between them and you. This also allows your employees to see you for you, not just as the boss.

Strike up conversations in the office

Take an interest in your employee’s weekend or ask them how their day is going. This can be while waiting for the kettle to boil or in the lift going up to the office. Strike up a conversation. You will be able to get to know a little bit more about what’s going on in your employee’s lives, while at the same time sharing parts of your life. You might have more things in common than you expect. This way you are seen as an approachable figure in the office instead of just the boss whom nobody talks to.

Join them for social events – if you are invited

If your employees have a habit of going for a drink, or a lunch, and you are invited join them! You don’t have to stay for the whole evening or go every time. Simply showing your face, asking what everyone is up to at the weekend is an easy way of socialising with your employees in a relaxed environment. When you attend ‘their’ drinks the pressure of them feeling obliged to attend is completely removed. It can’t hurt to get a round in either, but it might also be important to give your crew some socialising time together away from ‘the boss’.

Acknowledge good work

As busy as you might be, if one person performs exceptionally well or achieves something great for a client – give credit where credit is due. Simply saying well-done, whether it’s in person or via email it will resonate with your employees letting them know you are listening and paying attention, making them respect you as a leader even more. This puts you both in good stead for a strong relationship.

Every working environment is different and as a leader, you will know which method works best for you and your employees. So long as you’re trying your employees will appreciate the effort being made and no doubt reciprocate it.

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