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How to make 2020 your most successful business year

How to make 2020 your most successful business year

Tackling the year ahead can be difficult; but knowing where to start and how to start makes all the difference. It’s important to set-out your goals for the year to inspire your team and direct the company. Once done you can begin to break each of these down into manageable tasks that your team can deliver on to propel the business to success.

Of course every company is different, but by following the below tips you can ensure you’re right on track to have your most successful year to date:

Check your core purpose and mission

From the year that’s gone do you need to re-evaluate your company’s purpose and vision? It’s important to take stock and reflect on the past year, ask yourself if you’re still on track to achieve your longer-term goals or if your mission has slightly shifted?

Your purpose, vision and mission lie at the core of the business and all you do. They help keep you on track and if you later find that they are no longer valid and not where you want to take your business then you need to realign your goals based on your company’s progress.

Determine what you want to accomplish

What are you looking to accomplish in the next 12 months? Are you looking to expand your company into new geographies or increase market share in the UK? Perhaps you want to manufacture some new products and be a market leader in innovation?

Set clear goals. This will help build a clear vision of the company in a year. Once you have decided these you can meet with your team members and create a detailed plan of how to meet these objectives.

Breakdown the journey

To achieve success in 2020, what are your milestones? Where does your business need to be nine months, six months and thee months from now?

Turn thee months into one month and keep breaking this time-line down into smaller, more manageable goals that are achievable. Apart from helping drive your business forward, the beauty of setting these smaller goals is that you only need to concern yourself with the next milestone. Each leads on to the next – hit them when you plan to and you know you’re on track for a successful year.

Involve the rest of your team

Although the responsibility for the plan and its execution will rest with you, it’s worth including your team members in as much of the planning as possible. This has two positive results. Firstly, they may come up with some great ideas that wouldn’t have occurred to you. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, they will feel that the plan belongs somewhat to them and will work harder to achieve goals they have help set.


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